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Sophia June 09, 2024 › #blog #Blogger

Make Stories for Blogger

Make Stories for Blogger

The 3schools Make Story 2.0 tool allows you to create Google web stories, blog post, news article for Blogger for free and quickly. Your feedback is valuable! Share your suggestions to help us improve the tool.

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    Kaafi Samay se iss chiz ke liye wait tha or Finally aapke isko pura kiya thankxx First of All ....

    Humne abhi aapka Story Section Cheak kiya its just Amazing
    • Apu
      Thank you so much bro.
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  2. Apu
    We have recently launched "3schools Make Story 2.0" - we are more easy, more friendly, more professional.
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  3. Hello sir
    I try your blogger web stories tool this is really amazing i appreciate your hardwork but when I follow your documentation and create stories and copy code to paste in my blogger website and check my web stories is not showing please fix this problem 🙏🙏🙏
    • Please use our amp blogger template!
    • Thanks, I'll check them out.
    • Where did you host this website? On blogger or wordpress. Please tell me. Thank you very much sir.🙏🙏🙏
    • On Blogger
    • Hello sir
      Thank you for your mail and i really happy your tool is working but when I add your code to blogger and visit website blog name is not clickable please fix this problem 🙏🙏

      👉I think this tool is changed my blogging journey 🎉✌️✌️
    • Blog name is not clickable
      Please fix this problem 🙏🙏🙏
    • This is not a problem!
    • Sir where is the download link of : PREMIUM NEWS TEMPLATE .

      Please provide me I am waiting for your reply 🙏🙏🙏
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  4. In your, "3schools Make Story 2.0" tool, publisher image not showing/fetch in poster/every slide. Please fix it. And brother you are doing great job. your web story generator working fine except publisher-image. Please let me inform, whenever you fix this issue. Thank You, Love from Assam.
    • Apu
      Dear Biki Debnath,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      In order to better assist you and investigate the error you've encountered, could you please provide us with the URL of the web story you are referring to? This will allow us to gather more information and address the issue promptly.

      We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to resolving this matter for you.
    • To display the logo on every slide, add the following code within the <amp-story> element:
      <amp-story-grid-layer template="fill">
      <div class="amp-logo">
      <amp-img src="https://my_logo.png" width="95" height="95" layout="fixed"></amp-img>

      This code will ensure that your logo is consistently shown across all slides of the web story. To add this code to your tool that automatically fetches and adds a logo to every slide in a web story.
    • Apu
      But that's not an error! It's a way to style the pages of your web stories by displaying your website logo to the visitors.

      Is your Web Story valid?
      Please check using the AMP checker tool. https://search.google.com/test/amp
    • I have a doubt. Will creating a web story using your 3school tool generate clicks and impressions? I have a blog website with multiple-choice questions (MCQs), so would uploading MCQs in web stories be beneficial? Can I upload all slides with images, including quiz questions, or not? Please guide me.

      Additionally, all stories generated from your tool are valid and pass the AMP test.
    • Apu
      We have created only 8 - 9 web stories for demo purpose using our tool and we got 90k total impressions, 15k total clicks from Google discover. Source:- 3schools

      Yes, you can upload all slides with images, including quiz questions, using our 3schools Make Story.

      Additionally, it's important to note that web stories can help you attract traffic from Google Discover as well as Google Search. However, the success of your web stories in driving traffic depends on the quality and relevance of your content to your target audience.
    • Apu
      By the way, we provide more than 20 stylish web story templates. You can use them in your web story with a single click. Take a look at our web story templates.
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  5. This is my problem please fix this

    1: subscribe to post atom and ask by soom post comment with image
    • Apu
      Hello Majhi Prasad,
      Can you please share the url of this page?
    • I solve this problem recently thnx for your webstories 2.0
    • I found a reason why this problem happens!
      If you upload the downloaded template by clicking the restore button, you will see that error.

      I am using mobile phone and how I solved this:-

      1. https://www.3schools.in/p/code-editor.html  visit this page and upload the downloaded xml file.

      2. Now select the file and copy all code.

      3. Next go to Blogger's theme section and click on Edit HTML button and remove all code and paste the copied code and save it.
    • Hey, I am using a mobile device too. But I cannot select the blogger theme code. How can I remove the code? Please help
    • For mobile devices, first switch the browser to desktop mode and then you can remove the code.
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  6. We are not able to upload images and videos while creating Web Stories. When we ask you to sign up to upload a video, please sign up. Google blocks it please fix this problem
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  7. Apu
    How to add Google Analytics (GA4) in Blogger.

    [1] If you create web story using our tool then you may see an input box in our web story editor to add Google Analytics code.

    [2] If you are using our "PREMIUM NEWS TEMPLATE" (Free) , you can add GA4 code using the Blogger layout section. Remember - this way you can track only all posts, home page, search etc. But to track web story, you must use the above approach [1]. Read More
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  8. Apu
    How to upload Premium News Template in Blogger?

    If you are thinking to upload the PREMIUM NEWS TEMPLATE by clicking the restore button, I shall not recommend it. Because, you may get some amp errors.

    1. First open the downloaded XML file in a code editor like vs code, notepad++ or any other code editor.

    2. After coping all code, go to BloggerThemeEdit HTML › now remove all code & paste the copied code › click the save button.
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  9. Reply option not showing in post comments?

    I am using the "Premium News Template" But in my post, there is not available the Reply button.
    • Apu
      Just wanted to let you know that we're working on updating the Reply option in the next version. Feel free to check out how it will look! Demo
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  10. Apu
    Display AdSense ads in web story?

    If your site is already approved by Google AdSense only then you can display AdSense ads in your web story.https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEjC65X3Mkzddzkb7OinxRe1ZkzTIXiXZt8Vsu3-kW5cUwrtHhy9RXvUSjELZpqhPaqef5d7KSmg_duoQ2eIhNd6RKvNNi5nO8se1Ae3Yi4_06ZAr4Kq79gRMVtMNUpYzTbtkUyiM-BjLs7Hcx--fAojflQTRbIB45KTOsYnfAax5Jjwd1rmdPiBJsfG/s720-rw/make-stories-basic-setting.pngSee the 4 no option of the above image. To display ads, you need pub id & Ads slot.
    So, go to AdSense => Ads => overview => and create a Display Ad . You will get a code like the following one.
    <ins class="adsbygoogle"

    AdSense pub id is ca-pub-1234567890123456 and Ads slot id is 5678.
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  11. Apu
    Invalid amp show & error in google search console?
    Please follow the following steps to solve the amp error:

    1. Go to BloggerEarnings ›  click on the Remove AdSense button (Only if you can see).

    2. Visit this link and upload an image from the Profile Photo section (don't forget to select your original email).

    3. Go to BloggerSettings › Enable search description.
    4. Use our "PREMIUM NEWS TEMPLATE" & 3schools Make Story 2.0 to create a web story.
    Is your AMP page or Web Story valid?
    Visit this link to check.
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  12. Apu
    How to Add Google FAQ schema in blog post?
    Google has announced that to be eligible for FAQ rich results, your site must be a well-known, authoritative government or health website, and follow their other guidelines.
    ------  GOOGLE ------

    So, using our post editor, you can't add FAQ schema but you can add a faq (question & answer) section. For that go to our post editor › choose Warning › add question & answer.
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  13. Apu
    Video upload problem in 3schools Make Story 2.0

    As you know, all the assets (images, music, videos) that you upload in our Web Story Editor are hosted in your Google Drive.

    Videos and music are not displayed from direct Google Drive URLs. That's why you can't upload videos and audios directly. However, if you upload videos or audios to another hosting platform, you can add those file links in our Web Story editor.

    You can also use Pixels & Tenor images or videos - those you don't need to upload.
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  14. Apu
    How to Add table in 3schools Post Editor or Blogger?

    To add a table in the 3schools Post Editor, simply click on the Table button. This will allow you to create a new table with customizable columns and rows. You can then input your desired content into the table cells.
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  15. Apu
    All web story pages not showing in 3schools Make Story 2.0 editor?

    Web Story Templates : here you can find all customized pages. For each page, there are two icons (download, plus). By clicking the download icon, you can save that page in your browser (localStorage).

    Now whenever you visit our 3schools Make Story 2.0 editor and try to add a new page, you may see a new section YOUR SAVED PAGES. From there you can add your saved pages.

    NOTE :For the batter users experience, we created a seperate page for the web story templates.
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