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Apu June 03, 2023 › #FAQ #HowTo

Best Faq Schema Generator | HTML Microdata with SEO

Google Faq(Frequently asked questions) Schema Generator (HTML Microdata) is developed so that you can easily and quickly create structure data snippet for your website / blogger.
know more about FAQ schema
Please preview questions and answers before adding on your website. You can also change the style by clicking on the ⚙ Settings button.

After adding this code on your blog,please test your webpage by using Google Structured data testing tool to ensure you have implemented the code correctly on your webpage.

Enter Your Webpage URL :-

Best schema generator helps you to create the FAQ schema for the content of your Blog / website. We have tried to make this tool as simple as we can .

If you are using Blogger platform to host your blog, By using this online FAQ schema generator ,you can easily create and add FAQ schema on your blog post. So that, your blog will be eligible for display as a rich result in Google search.

Can I add FAQ schema in the same page of QNQ schema?

No; it's very important that you can't use FAQ and QNA schema in the same page.

Can I insert emojis, links in FAQ schema?

Yes; FAQ schema allows you to add links and emoji in the questions and answers of the FAQ schema.

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